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Join us in increasing a Fabulous Filipina presence online.

The following are several basic technical steps to take in increasing the occurences of quality web pages and web sites in search engines queries on "filipina."

Apply one or all of these web coding techniques as possible. Using the web coding techniques below places the words "filipina" in your web page/s and increases the frequency of quality filipina web pages/sites being indexed by search engine robots and ranking higher in queries of "filipina" at popular search engines such as® and®. Please visit's search Q&A page in order to understand how some web techniques created better ranking than others in any search query.

Technique 1.

Place the word "filipina" in the meta tags of your html code of you web pages.

Place meta tags in your html code for your main page and/or all web pages. Meta tags go in between the "head" code. Pink text between quotation marks or not indicates where you should personalize your own code
<meta name="name of your web site here" keywords="filipina, filipinas, philippine women, philipina, pilipina, pinay, babae, filipino women, filipino woman, other relevant keywords pertaining to your particular site">
<title>Title of your web page here</title>

Place the word "filipina" in the meta tags site homepage, blog, company/org site or personal pages, and as many webpages that you manage.

Technique 2.

Place one of the following banners on your web page with "alternate text" code. AND create interlinkage to our url of After you place our web banner with the url link in your page/s, please immediately email me at:

so that we can list your site in our links page at Give us the

We will screen your site for content. If your site does do Filipina identity proud, that is, displays Filipina talent, intelligence, all-around-beauty and/or creativity and passes our other criteria we will place a link and/or banner to your site from our links web page. If we notify you that your site does not meet our criteria because it does not do the Filipina image justice, than please discontinue using and remove our banner/s from your webpages.

Click here for ways to place a banner and code in your web page/site.

Technique 3. Join the Fabulous Filipinas Web ring.

Your submitted page/site will subject to screening for the following criteria:

1. Your site must exhibit some of the following qualities:

insight, strength, wisdom, talent, intelligence, creativity, filipino culture and heritage

2. your site must not be sexist, racist, offensive and/or exploitative.

To apply to join the Fabulous Filipina web ring click here or click the join button in the ff. navigation bar.

Once your application to join the fabulous filipina webring is approved, your site will be immediately added to the list in the ring hub and your page will get a nav bar that appears like the above sample. We will also eventually add your site to our list of webpages and web sites in the links page here at This way your site will be listed twice online by us!

IMPORTANT WEBRING NOTE: Click here for customized navbars in both horizontal and vertical format. Bloggers should use one of the vertical formats found here.

Technique 4.

Create a web page list of your favorite quality Filipina/o sites at your web page/site. You can even begin by using the list of links that we have. Go ahead and feel free to copy and past the html codes of our lists. The more interlinkages between quality Filipina sites out there the more we actively increase the chances of quality Filipinas sites ranking in search engine queries of "filipina" in the future. We encourage you to check out the web ring and our links pages for newly added sites so that you can update your own web page list. Check in frequently to see when we have started our links page.

Technique 5.

Create link exchanges with other web pages and web sites.'s search Q&A page does explain that "The best way to ensure listing on Google is for a page to be linked from lots of other pages. "

Technique 6.

Place the word "filipina" somewhere in the body of your web pages. Either as part of your subhead, as part of a description on a sidebar, or as part of a footnote at the bottom of your page. Remember, search engines such as look for the relevance of your web page on "Filipina" and how frequent your pages link to other "filipina" web pages.

Technique 7.

Manually add your URL into search engines.
Click here to add your URL to
Click here to add your URL to
Click here to add your URL to
Click here to add your URL to
Add your URL to as many other search engines that you can.

Technique 8. NEW!!

"Filipina" google bombing
Thanks to Marc Hil Macalua I have just learned about google bombing. Please go to this link and learn how to google bomb.

Technique 9. NEW!!

Use "Filipina" with your online pics and images
Thanks to Filipino Librarian a movement to improve filipina images and pictures online has started. He uses "Sacha Chua" as an example of how to strengthen Filipina image and images online especially at google and yahoo:

"If you would like to contribute to the effort to project a more wholesome image of the Filipina online, please put a photo of a Filipina (whom you think best represents the Filipina today) on your website or blog, make sure the word "Filipina" appears in the caption or as close as possible to the photo, and that the same word is also in the photo's file names (e.g., filipina.jpg) or URL (e.g.," Click here to learn more.

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